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How to Add Houseplants to Detoxify your Home Houseplants Leave a Comment on How to Add Houseplants to Detoxify your Home

How and Where to Add  Houseplants to Detoxify Your Home Read these tips to learn how and where to add houseplants to detoxify your home. With the proper lighting conditions, soil, containers, watering and fertilizing your plants will flourish. When you set up your indoor garden you will want to find 15-20 houseplants you can place […]


Detoxify Your Home with Houseplants so you can Breathe Easier Houseplants , Leave a Comment on Detoxify Your Home with Houseplants so you can Breathe Easier

Detoxify the Air in Your Home Naturally with Plants Detoxify your home with houseplants. Having an indoor garden will give you many health benefits. An indoor garden can increase humidity, remove toxins, improve health and fatigue as well as recovery for patients. Houseplants will detoxify your home during the day through the process of photosynthesis, […]

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August To Do List Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables, Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables; 4 Steps to a Kitchen Garden Leave a Comment on August To Do List

Hello, August in the Vegetable Garden! August To-Do List Your tomato plants have a lot of fruit on them and they are starting to turn red. Your cucumbers and squash are abundant. Is there anything else you need to do this month but harvest? Yes, here is a list of things your garden needs this month. […]


Common Tomato problems;Tips for Tomato blossom end rot and blight Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables, Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables; 4 Steps to a Kitchen Garden , ,

Do you have a large spot on the bottom of your tomatoes? This problem is called a tomato blossom end spot. The good news is that it is not a disease or fungus. Tomato blossom end rot occurs when the plant has a calcium deficiency. This happens when the plant has not had enough water. With […]


5 Ways to Help Veggie Plants Beat Heat Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables , , , ,

The best way to help veggie plants beat heat is to give them some TLC during a heat wave. Here are 5 ways to help your veggie plants be happy. Water, water, water. Help your veggie plants beat the heat. Your plants need to keep hydrated just like we do in the heat. The best way […]

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10 Garden Vegetables and Companion Plants with benefits Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables ,

When planting a vegetable garden you need to consider companion plants. Below is a list of the ten most common vegetables in your garden and companion plants with benefits such as; Shade Shared Nutrients to the Plants Natural Support-taller plants support vine plants Healthy Soil Limits weeds Natural Pest Eliminator Some plants like herbs protect […]


Time to Cut Back the Catmint! Easy Perennials , , ,

Time to cut back the catmint! is a common sun-loving perennial that blooms in the spring. Catmint is the common name for Nepta. If you have never tried Catmint in your garden, I recommend it for a sunny, large space. As its name implies Catmint is part of the mint family and one common species, […]


Annuals; Decorate Your Outside Space with Plants Decorate with Annual Plants ,

It’s time to get out and enjoy the weather. Summer brings many possibilities for extending your space. Your deck regardless of size becomes a comfy retreat. Complete the look with a wall of plants. How about using your deck railing as a plant wall for your colorful annuals. Add a few chairs, pillows and just […]

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Growing Organic Vegetables; Four Steps to Start a Kitchen Garden Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables; 4 Steps to a Kitchen Garden ,

Growing organic vegetables is a perfect way to know you are eating healthy. The term organic means you are not using any type of chemicals for fertilization or pest control. Starting a kitchen garden is the perfect way to start your journey to grow your own organic vegetables. Your kitchen garden may be a salsa […]

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