August To Do List

August To Do List

Hello, August in the Vegetable Garden!

August To-Do List

Your tomato plants have a lot of fruit on them and they are starting to turn red. Your cucumbers and squash are abundant. Is there anything else you need to do this month but harvest? Yes, here is a list of things your garden needs this month.

Routine Maintenance

  1. Continue on a consistent water schedule. If your area has had a lot of rain lately, measure it. A rain gauge is a tool for that. If you don’t have a rain gauge, make your own with an empty can that you have marked of inches. Your garden plants need an inch of water each week. The only way to measure that is with a rain gauge of your choosing.
  2. Fertilize with an organic product while your plant is producing fruit. I prefer to use fish emulsion. One teaspoon to a gallon of water at the base of your plant so the roots will be able to access it
  3. Prune basil to keep it from going to seed.
  4. Harvest herbs this month to freeze or dry.
  5. Harvest regularly, tomatoes, squash, and beans to keep plants producing.
  6. Weed!

Get Ready for a Fall Garden

  1. Make a list of fall produce you would like to plant if you are using a fall garden.
  2. Plant lettuce and radishes. This can be done in succession all season long every two weeks for a summer-long harvest.

Problems You May Face

  1. If squash leaves are yellowing, you may have squash vine borer. This is caused by the month laying their eggs at the base of the plant and the worms eat the stalk, spread a virus and cause the plant to rot.
  2. If tomato leaves are falling and yellow with spots, you may have blight. Remove the plant before this spreads to all of the plants. Brown spot on the bottom of your tomato? That is end blossom rot caused by too little water and a calcium deficiency.
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