10 Garden Vegetables and Companion Plants with benefits
raised beds with companion plants

10 Garden Vegetables and Companion Plants with benefits

When planting a vegetable garden you need to consider companion plants. Below is a list of the ten most common vegetables in your garden and companion plants with benefits such as;

  • Shade
  • Shared Nutrients to the Plants
  • Natural Support-taller plants support vine plants
  • Healthy Soil
  • Limits weeds
  • Natural Pest Eliminator

Some plants like herbs protect plants from infestation by confusing the insect by masking the smell of the intended host plant. For example plant basil and dill to protect from tomato hornworm. I have been a fan of planting marigolds for years to keep the deer away from the garden but they repel beetles and nematodes. I plant Nasturtiums as a cover crop to keep the weeds away but they also are a favorite of aphids. The aphids all flock to the Nasturtiums and not the other plants. Quick growing crops like lettuce and radishes can grow under the cover of a later crop such as melon as the lettuce will be picked long before the melon is spreading out and filling the garden. Leafy greens benefit from the shelter of corn. Zinnias are one of my favorite cut flowers but when planted near cauliflower it attracts ladybugs which eat the cabbage flies. Mint wards off ants.

To get a free PDF of the 10 Most Common Vegetables and Companion Plants click on this link.


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