Detoxify Your Home with Houseplants so you can Breathe Easier
Sleep better with plants

Detoxify Your Home with Houseplants so you can Breathe Easier

Detoxify the Air in Your Home Naturally with Plants

Detoxify your home with houseplants. Having an indoor garden will give you many health benefits. An indoor garden can increase humidity, remove toxins, improve health and fatigue as well as recovery for patients. Houseplants will detoxify your home during the day through the process of photosynthesis, taking in our carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Plants filter out toxins that are in our household synthetics. At night, photosynthesis stops and plants respire like humans. Succulents and a few other plants like orchids and bromeliads continue to release oxygen even at night. If you add these plants to your bedroom at night you will sleep better with refreshed air. Houseplants help you detoxify your home, increase humidity, sharpen your focus, reduce cold and flu symptoms, help you to sleep better and purify the air.

Increase Humidity

Plants are the perfect partners for humans as they interact with their environment. Plants release 97% of the water they take in, this increases our home humidity. This humidity level between 30-60 is the recommended comfort range for humans. This increase in humidity helps us all stay more comfortable in the months when our heat is on in the house. Studies have shown this decreases the rate of colds, dry skin, sore throats, and dry coughs.

Remove Toxins

Have you heard of VCO’s?  A VCO is a Volatile organic compound.  According to a NASA study, plants remove up to 87% of volatile organic compounds every 24 hours. These VOC’s like formaldehyde are found in rugs, vinyl, cigarette smoke and grocery bags. Modern tightly sealed homes trap these VOC’s. “A minimum of 300g of carbon dioxide can be eliminated from a closed environment for every square meter of leaf surface in the area per year.” We need indoor garden plants to help detoxify our homes.

Improves Recovery

Houseplants help reduce stress and promote a feeling of well being. Kansas State University found that hospital rooms where plants had been placed patients were on less pain medication, and left the hospital sooner than patients who did not have plants in their room. Succulents were found to help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Sharpen Your Focus

A University of Michigan found that memory retention improved by as much as 20% for those students who had classes where plants were present. The speed to complete a computer task has shown an increase of 12% in offices with plants. The absentee rate has dropped from 15% to 5% in those environments with the recommended plants.

Reduce Cold and Flu Symptoms

Another reason to detoxify your home with plants is to reduce cold and flu symptoms as well as dry coughs. Plants help to filter the air we breathe and provide us with renewed air. They have also helped with pain management, reducing stress, and a feeling of well being.

Noise Reduction

Background noises can be reduced from other rooms in your home or office space. Plants can also help absorb road noise best on hard surfaces.

How to Purify your Home

To detoxify your home with houseplants in a 1,800 square foot home you will need 15-18 plants, 6-8 inch diameter. That is approximately one large plant or 2 small plants per 100 square feet. To find out more about which plants to use to detoxify your home with houseplants, you may want to read this.

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8 Best Houseplants; Detoxify Your Home

These 8 common houseplants will purify the air in your home.

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